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Felony Fights Police

20 Crazy Felony Fights You Need to See

We all love when there’s blood in a fight. Felony Fights are as real as it gets. We have compiled a small list of some of these fights which are the most popular and most watched.


Pitbull Fights

21 Most Viral Pitbull Fights

Pitbull fights are becoming a regular occurrence, blame it to these dogs’ aggressive behavior and fighting ability. See this list and see how they are in their fighting mode.


Bum Fights

18 Crazy Bum Fights to Watch Online

Bum fights are when two hobos partake in a combat usually armed with nothing but bare hands or maybe a broken beer bottle or pipe or anything that they can touch their hands with. And you will see all these in this list we’ve created just for you.

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Fight Club Online

Fight Club Online | All top Girl, Street & Pro Fight Videos

Fight Club Online offers ultimate fighting at its best captured in videos. Anything from cat fights to bum fights, street fights even animal fights you can find here in our website. And yes, even the intense UFC fighting is included. Beware though, that these videos could be extreme in most cases and could cause a lot of emotions to viewers. “Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?” In Fight Club Online, be prepared to be as we take you to a whole lot of ride with different videos displaying the anatomy of fighting.

Gang Fights

24 Extreme Gang Fights Videos

Gang fights are most often very gruesome and many a times it creates chaos and panic for the society as a whole but these fights can teach you lessons as well. See these videos and learn not the easy way.

Bull Fighting

19 Cruel Bull Fighting Videos

Bull fighting is not just about entertainment but it is also about will-power and strategy. We have created this list of cruel bull fighting scenes ever recorded to tell you how this kind of amusement works.

Jeff Gordon Fights

Top 5 Jeff Gordon Fights to Watch Online

Car racing is one of the most entertaining sports for most people, especially the big boys. One of the most known car racing competitions is NASCAR and this race is graced by the one and only Jeff Gordon.

Keysi Fighting Method Justo

The Best Keysi Fighting Method Explained

You have probably watched The Dark Knight or yes, The Clash of the Titans, did you notice how awesome the fighting scenes were? Well, those fight scenes were inspired by the very popular movie martial arts called Keysi Fighting Method. Keysi fighting method is a kind of martial arts that originated in Spain. This fighting […]

Gypsy Fights

22 Most Incredible Gypsy Fights Ever Watched

Gypsy fights have a particular characteristic to them, they are bare knuckle fights. Many people consider bare knuckle fighting as a sport and usually enjoy watching such fights.